“Today every creature rejoices and is triumphant, for Christ is risen, and hell is captured.” (9th song of the Canon of Easter)

Beloved, in the Risen Christ the Savior, venerable fathers, dear brothers and sisters! Spiritually triumphant on this great and glorious feast of the Resurrection of Christ the Savior of the world, mentally contemplating His rising from the tomb, I address to you the life-affirming exclamation full of strength, irresistible truth and joy: Christ is Risen! Both in the distant days of the apostolic times and in our days, these words of the Easter greeting express the unshakable foundation of the Christian faith. The brevity of this creed contains the meaning of earthly time as well as it expresses the essence of eternal life, which was revealed to the human race in the Three-day Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Resurrection of Christ is a central moment in the history of mankind. And therefore it is a celebration of great joy. Our Christian faith is based on the Resurrection of Christ, the essence of which is expressed in the brief words of the Paschal liturgy: “Ye are baptized in Christ, clothed in Christ” (Gal.3:27). We are clothed in the risen Christ, and therefore in immortality. Christianity proclaimed faith in immortality from the very beginning. Only the hope of the Resurrection gave the strength of the First Christian Church to withstand the period of fiery trials and shine to the world as a beacon of hope and salvation for many millions of people. The good news of Easter, which changed the entire subsequent course of world history, encourages us to moral transformation and spiritual renewal, which are so necessary for modern society. We all gathered in the holy temple to share with each other the joy of saving Easter and it makes our joy complete. In these bright days of the Easter celebration, we are called upon to share our joy with our relatives and friends, to show them active love and mercy. May Easter of Christ comes to our homes, illuminating them with Divine light, banishing sorrows, reminding us of the triumph of life over death, of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that if our Lord has risen, then everyone who believes in Him will rise and live with Him forever. Because Christ Himself said, “He who believes in Me, even if he dies, he will live” (John 11:25). Beloved brothers and sisters! Keep the joy of the Resurrection of Christ in all the days of your life! Bring it to people and generously share its fruits with them! After all, Christ has risen for all, and we should remember that only He has the right to choose His inheritance from among people. May this Day of the Resurrection of Christ be a day of joy for us. Beloved pastors in Christ, monks and nuns, young people, dear brothers and sisters! I sincerely congratulate you on this great and bright Easter Holiday! May the eternal and unchangeable joy of Easter remain in each of us, despite the grieves and sorrows, everyday difficulties and adversities, which, unfortunately, are companions in the earthly life of every person. May the risen Christ, the Life–Giver, strengthen each of you in faith and love, give His all-powerful help, give strength to the old and sick, be a joy and comfort to widows and orphans, send peace and harmony to families, purity and chastity to youth and children. May the Bright Resurrection of Christ always be for us a feast of joy, a celebration of the victory of life over death. And may it help us patiently, uncomplainingly endure all the hardships of earthly life in the hope that the time will come when we will hear the longed-for voice of our Savior: “Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world” (Matthew 25:34). Amen. Christ is Risen! HE IS TRULY RISEN!


Easter of Christ 2024