Humanitarian mission in Laguna province

The Department of Charity and Social Ministries-Philippines and Vietnam-ROC (Moscow Patriarchate) first responded to calamity victims on the lakeshore of Laguna thru the FMI Outreach led by Fr. David Grubbs in November 2020. Since then, continued supplies of nutritious food, shoes, multi-vitamins, clothes, even personal care items (soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste) are being distributed to children in rural areas thru the Theotokos Mercy-feeding. Now led by a native Orthodox priest Archimandrite Philemon based in a town of Siniloan, the parish of “The Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross of the Lord” has recorded a total of 3000 beneficiaries within the first quarter of the year. Several anonymous donors (in cash or in kind) have shown a typical of Filipino norm of bayanihan even in the midst of Covid pandemic. Our volunteers & beneficiaries can sing with joy “Through the prayer of the Theotokos…”

Through the 2nd quarter of the missionary works, the spirit of orthopraxy has taken an upward step. In addition to sharing God’s plenitude with the hungry, this charitable activity is now coupled with nurturing the spiritual needs of the beneficiaries. The pastoral care includes short catechetical instructions thru icons, hymns, and blessing the households with Holy Water. The presence of a “man-in-black” with his trained volunteers harness the atmosphere of Christian community. Though lacking of proper venue & orderly arrangements, the event practically touches the hearts of grateful beneficiaries. Eventually as this missionary develops, the priest will be focused on praying & teaching the Word of God and administering the Holy Sacraments. At the beginning of this 3rd quarter of the year, we hope to see more volunteers “go-grow-glow” in God’s love “Through the prayer of the Theotokos…”