Metropolitan Pavel visited Lambayon

On February 14, 2024, Metropolitan Pavel of Khanty-Mansiysk and Surgut, the administrator of the Philippine-Vietnamese Diocese, visited the parish in honor of St. Ignatius the God-Bearer of Lambayon (Philippines).

The administrator of the Philippine-Vietnamese diocese performed a prayer service at the parish and gave the archpastoral blessing to the parishioners.

His Eminence was co-served by: Archpriest Sergiy Shevchenko, dean of the Nizhnevartovsk City Deanery, and Priest Roman Buniel.

In his speech to the audience, the archpastor noted:

“Dear fathers, Father Roman, as the rector of this temple, brothers and sisters! I am glad to share with you a common prayer to the heavenly patron of this temple, and of course, we all ask for the blessing of the Holy Martyr Ignatius so that he strengthens us in faith.

Heavenly patrons are our guides, our helpers in the Christian life. This small, modest church is dedicated to the Holy Martyr Ignatius, and we know from his life that he suffered for the faith and gave his life.

This indicates that he had a very strong and strong faith in God, and of course, he is an example for us in our faith and we try to imitate him, to be at least a little bit like this Great saint of God.

I wish all the parishioners of this temple, this city, the protection and guidance of this saint, so that not a single soul flowing to God does not perish, but he preserves and guides, helps in life everyone who prays and falls to his intercession before God.

Therefore, with hope and trust in the Lord, and of course, on the intercession of our heavenly patron, I hope that the Lord will not leave anyone, because He promised and said: “I will not reject anyone who comes and touches me.” And through the guardian angel, the patron of this temple, the Lord will hear our prayers.

I hope that it will be so! As they say, hope in God, but don’t be bad yourself. We will work, we will pray, and the Lord will not leave! I thank you all for the prayers that you took the time to pray together and meet here in this temple, may the Lord help us all in the work of our salvation!”