Christmas Message of Exarch

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE from metropolitan of Singapore and South-East-Asia SERGIY to the archpastors, clergy, monastics and the entire flock of the Patriarchal Exarchate of South-East Asia.

Reverend hierarchs, all-honourable fathers, beloved brothers and sisters! I extend to all of you my heartfelt felicitations on the great Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ! On these days of celebration, we look at the icon of Christmas with joy and warm affection, beholding the incarnate Saviour, the Most Pure Mother holding the Divine Infant in tender embrace, and the Righteous Joseph bending over them in loving care. The Holy Family is the model of true and sacrificial love, genuine mutual care and complete trust in the Maker. Time and again, Christmas reminds us about the great importance of family values in today’s world, for it is in them that serve as the basis of life in our society. The Young Jesus grew in faith, love and diligence. Remembrance thereof makes us aware that it is parents’ duty to give moral upbringing to their children, to be their first teachers in prayer, faith and kindness towards others. It is not only on Christmas that God comes into our life, so we should be ready to meet Him at any moment. It is up to us how we receive the Lord and what it is that He finds in us – a cattle shed, coldness and spiritual poverty or the heart full of goodness, warmth and light, capable of becoming a worthy dwelling place for God. Let us make haste to meet the Saviour with pure eyes and deeds, most joyfully worshipping His advent in the flesh (Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ, Great Vespers). On this radiant feast, I wish all of you good health and peace, as well as spiritual joy, patience, and success in your work. May Christ, Who is born in the cave, grant unto you His help in all days of your life, filling your hearts with love and blessing your good deeds.

Metropolitan of Singapore and South-East-Asia, Patriarchal Exarch of South-East Asia

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