Blessed is He Who comes to call Adam

Even with closed temples, prayer must not stop — otherwise there will be no point for the Creator to continue to tolerate the human race…

Today in the Orthodox Church is the Entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem. This is the triumph of the Savior’s earthly life. After the resurrection of Lazarus, even skeptics believed in Him. But we know that this was the entrance to free suffering. The Great Entrance at the Liturgy symbolizes this event, that’s why the Cherubic song is always solemnly in a minor.

For the only time, the Chief of life allowed Himself to be praised, allowed precious myrrh to be poured out on His feet. Although He did not enter the city on a Quadriga, but on a donkey. And nevertheless, how much hatred from envious people: why You did not spend myrrh on beggars, etc.

“You always have beggars,” but do you always have God with you?