Sunday of the Last Judgement

The Last Judgment is the last act of history and the beginning of eternity. Today is the end of the annual cycle, because next week we remember the creation of the world and the life of the first people in paradise (meat is no longer allowed, since meat was not eaten in paradise).

At the Last Judgment, the Lord, wishing for the salvation of all, will ask only for the works of mercy. “What you have done for your neighbor-you have done for Me” – how much you need to love a man to say so! Only own children are loved in this way, that’s why we must see each other as the children of God. This is the difference between Christian charity and universal charity.

Today, the newly baptized Nicholas and Ariadne were married in Tagaytay. It is remarkable that after 21 years of living together, their love has become even stronger, and they share it with many people in need, helping the poor families of Bacoor (a suburb of Manila), showing an example of evangelical charity and selflessness.