Baptism in Tayabas

May 6, on the feast of St. George the Victorious and the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God, 31 people were baptized in the community in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov in Lawigue (Tayabas, 100 km southeast of Manila). For many years the FMI Charitable Foundation under the leadership of Priest David Grubbs has been talking care about this community. 2 years ago, a miracle of healing took place there: hopelessly ill Athanasius got well immediately after he was baptized. Then many members wished to be baptized, however the pandemic made its own adjustments. But today, on the eve of the Sunday of the Paralytic, in memory of the miracle performed by the Savior 2000 years ago and repeated 2 years ago, the desire of Athanasius’ friends has come true: they have become one body with Christ. The sacrament was conducted by the dean of the Manila Deanery, Hieromonk Alexei (Lapshin) and the cleric of the Iveron Parish in Manila, Priest Augustin Ponferrada.