Paschal Epistle of the Metropolitan of Singapore and South-East Asia, SERGIY

Тo the Most Reverend bishops, clergy, monastics, and all the orthodox flock of the Patriarchal Exarchate of South-East Asia.

Most Reverend Archpastors, Venerable Fathers, beloved brothers and sisters! CHRIST IS RISEN! I heartily congratulate all of you on the feast of Pascha – Divine, joyful, saving, which opened the way to immortality for everyone. The spring of faith has come, driving away the sadness of passions and the storm of thoughts (service on Thursday of the 2nd week after Pascha) and illuminating us with the wonderful light of the Resurrection. The Lord, who loves His creation more than a mother loves a child, ascended the Cross for us, and conquered death so that every believer could become an heir to eternal life. Compared to the blessedness promised by Christ, compared to the joy of being with Him, earthly sorrows and fears, problems and trials become insignificant, moreover, that God is with us in any circumstances. What could be more joyful for a believer than the knowledge that he is a beloved child of the Lord and the hands of the Father are always open to him! The crucified and resurrected Christ is not somewhere far away: He not only never leaves us, but creates us as partakers of His Body and Blood, temples of the Spirit, from which, every evildoer, every passion, may flee as from fire (prayer after Holy Communion of St. Simeon Metaphrastes). We have received from God the fullness of love, and it is our sacred duty to share this love with our neighbours and always be guided by it in our lives. Let, looking at us, believers glorify and thank God, and non-believers turn to Him, wishing to become the same bright and happy people as Christians. May the Risen Saviour grant all of you spiritual and bodily strength, peace and joy, spiritual vigour and all kinds of well-being, strengthen you in your works and good deeds, that His Holy name may be glorified through the ages. Amen.

Metropolitan SERGIY of Singapore and South-East Asia, Patriarchal Exarch of South-East Asia