Congratulations on birthday

Congratulations from Patriarchal Exarch of Southeast Asia, Metropolitan Sergiy of Singapore and Southeast Asia to Metropolitan Pavel of Manila and Hanoi on his birthday.

Your Eminence, dear Vladyka! Kindly accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday. For many years you have been diligently and reverently serving God and His Holy Church, trying to set a good example to clergy and laity, to be attentive, responsive and sensitive towards them. Taking care of the spiritual growth of the children entrusted to you, you encourage them to watch over themselves so that they do not lose what they have worked for, but receive full reward (2 John 1, 8). I prayerfully wish you strength of mind and body, joy in the Lord and His generous help in further archpastoral labors. 

With love in Christ,

SERGIY, Metropolitan of Singapore and Southeast Asia, Patriarchal Exarch of Southeast Asia