Entry of the Lord to Jerusalem

The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem is the triumph of the Savior’s earthly life. They want to make him King, because He can Make Israel Great Again. So that they would not obey to the Romans but they would be paid tribute by the barbarians, as in the times a thousand years before. And that it would be good for everyone in Israel. But it is impossible to build happiness on neighbor’s grief, and instead of seizing power, Christ continues to teach: “Pay to Caesar that is Caesar’s and to God that is God’s”, and “Love your neighbor”. And we know that in a few days the Son of God will be betrayed, tortured, and crucified by His people. And no one will stand up for Him. Such is the gratitude of Israel for that the Lord healed his children of diseases. For freeing him from the bondage of Egypt and Babylon. He would have freed them from the Roman one as well, but He came to free us from the bondage of death.And in the coming days, called the Great Days, we will once again watch with awe the realization of the Divine plan for our salvation. Holy Week is the culmination of Christianity and human history. Yes, the creation of the world was also the greatest event and miracle, but this is hardly mentioned in the church calendar. Because it was easier for God to create the universe than to guide us to the right path, for which He had to taste death. The trillions of stars in the sky do not obscure His main creation for Him; the life of each of us matters to Him! As well as the prayer of each of us.