Visit to Cagayan

On March 9-10, the Secretary of the Philippine-Vietnamese Diocese, Hieromonk Cornelius (Molev) at the invitation of the Russian compatriots, made a pastoral visit to Cagayan-de-Oro (northern Mindanao). The Russian Stretch Ceiling company operates in this city and its director Andrey Sayapin and his staff have been waiting for an Orthodox priest for a long time. Originally from Vladivostok, Andrey has been working in the Philippines for several years as a representative of a Japanese company, and now he has started his own small business. He is one of the few compatriots who was forced by work to spend the time of the pandemic in the Philippines, sending his family home. Being a deeply Orthodox person, he is very suffering to remain for a long time without pastoral care, so as soon as it became possible to move around the island of Mindanao, Fr.Cornelius came to Cagayan, gave communion to the Orthodox employees of the company and consecrated its office.