Seminar for singers

At the training center of St. Matrona of Moscow in Davao city, a week-long seminar for singers of Davao del Sur and Davao deaneries has been held. During the seminar, choirs from the parishes of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Arakan, the Epiphany in Talas, St. Apostle Thomas in Kinabalan and St. John of Shanghai in Santa Maria learned new hymns of the Divine Liturgy and the All-Night Vigil, studied the Ustav (order of the divine worship). We hope that the acquired knowledge will help to make our divine services more beautiful.

Liturgy in Kinabalan

On Sunday, July 18, on the day of commemoration of St Serguis of Radonezh (translation of his relics), in the village of Kinabalan on the parish of St Apostle Thomas, the divine liturgy was celebrated led by the Secretary of the diocese Hieromonk Cornelius Molev.

Feast of St Apostles Peter and Paul

July 12 is the holiday of the St Apostles Peter and Paul. This is the patronal feast of the parish in Salasang (Arakan, Cotabato). The Divine liturgy was offered by Hieromonk Cornelius Molev, priests Joachim Gonzales and Moses Cahilig and deacon Nicolas Salgado.

Holy Apostles, pray to God for us!

Feast of the Heavenly Patron of the Philippines

July, 2 is the day of St John Maximovich, of Shanghai and San Francisco. There are two parishes in our diocese in his honour. The one in Kiamba (Sarangani) is the first parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Philippines. The divine liturgy there was led by priest Roman Buniel and deacon Matthew Sale.

The celebration at the parish in Kapehan, Santa Maria (Davao del Sur) was held by Hieromonk Cornelius Molev, priest Joachim Gonzales and deacon John Mahinay.