The miracle ongoing!

The miracle of Myrrh-streaming in Makalangot (Mindanao) has been continuing already for one month; now all icons in the church are streaming!
The Secretary of the diocese Hieromonk Korniliy has visited the temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov and has witnessed the miracle, fixing it with the camera.
After careful examination, he found that the drops of the Myrrh on the icons could not have appeared from natural causes. Together with Priest Moses Cahilig and Deacon Nicholas Salgado, Fr. Korniliy performed a special prayer service. Then he examined the church again and found that droplets began to appear on the icons, where they were not at the first inspection. After a while, these droplets became larger and began to form into rivulets, and new droplets also began to appear. This is a quite rare miracle and it’s wonderful that it is taking place in the Philippines.
We thank God for giving us such a spectacular sign of His presence!

Social ministry of the diocese

The Department of charity and social service of the diocese of the Philippines and Vietnam, with its center in Tagaytay, publishes almost daily reports on its activities on the Facebook page:

Under quarantine, it’s difficult but very topical to assure the work of feeding programs for poor people in every parish, especially in Mindanao. Thanks to donations, we were able to restart children’s programs that also feed poor mothers and the elderly. In addition, donations were used to pay for medical expenses for parishioners.
Assistance is also being provided for the construction of a school for mountain tribes on Mindoro island.
In October and November, several powerful typhoons hit the Northern Philippines, injuring tens of thousands of people. The Department provided material assistance to victims in the provinces of Batangas, Quezon and Cavite.

Meeting at Vung Tau parish

There are many interesting people among us with a good set of useful knowledge. I’m sure that children would be interested in talking to them and learning something about the country where they have lived most of their lives (Vietnam); how to give first aid to themselves and each other; how to drive ships; how to make interesting videos; about music, mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian, English and Vietnamese, plants, nutrition, maybe even honey!
Yesterday, November 13, a meeting was held in the refectory of our church for children and everyone. It was conducted by our parishioner – Maxim Chekmarev, translator of the office of JV Vietsovpetro.
Everyone listened with interest, asked questions, ate fruit and drank tea!

Blessing of the bell in Tagaytay

On November, 12, in the midst of the strongest for 11 years rainfall, in the Christ the Saviour parish in Tagaytay the blessing of the chapel bell was performed. The bell had been brought earlier from Russia.

The ceremony was held by the Secretary of the Philippino- Vietnamese diocese hieromonk Korniliy (Molev) who is paying a visit to the parish, and the rector of the parish priest David Grubbs.

Let every breath praise the Lord!

Kazan icon Feast in Vung Tau

November 4 is the feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. In Vietnam, Vung Tau is a patronal holiday.
On the eve of the holiday, a all-night vigil was served, and a Liturgy in the morning. In the evening – the akathist to the most Holy Theotokos. After the evening service, the parish celebrated its patronal holiday with a tea party.