Litya for the departed Russian refugees

November 30, the clergy of the Philippine-Vietnamese Diocese and a delegation of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Philippines headed by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Marat Ignatievich Pavlov visited the cemetery of the municipality of Guiuan (Samar Island), where Russian refugees are buried who lived in 1949-1951 on Tubabao Island and found their last refuge there. In memory of the deceased, the secretary of the diocese, Hieromonk Cornelius (Molev) together with the priests of the diocese performed a requiem litya.

Vietnamese Deanery news

Orthodox believers in Vietnam celebrated the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

In Nha Trang, one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated for the first time during the pandemic. Now it is possible to worship there once a month. And the parishioners of the parish in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Vung Tau prayerfully celebrated also the patronal feast.

The parishes of the Vietnamese Deanery of the Philippine-Vietnamese Diocese are cared for by Priest Eugene Tsukalo.

Baptism in Kinabalan

On October 18, 2022, in the parish of St. Apostle Thomas in Kinabalan, 6 servants of God – Alpheus, Maria, Sarah, Julian, Theodora and Juliana – received the holy baptism. May Lord Jesus Christ grant them a prosperous and peaceful life, health and preserve them for many years.

Patronal Feast in Kinabalan

Today the Orthodox believers of Kinabalan prayerfully celebrated the memorial day of St. Thomas the Apostle during the divine service. The clergy of the Philippine-Vietnamese diocese came to celebrate the Liturgy with the procession: Hieromonk Cornelius (Molev), Priest Roman Buniel and Priest Joachim Gonzalez, who spiritually nourishes the parish of the Apostle Thomas.

Outreach to Quezon

After long time we finally arrived at our beloved Saint Seraphim FMI Quezon Province Tayabas Outreach….. From the pictures you can see the excitement we were greeted with…. it seemed the whole village came out to join the service we had, the prayers, scripture readings, music and singing, nutritious food and some special gifts… Everyone got prayed for and anointed with oil for healing (especially important in a location like this where there is no running water, proper toilets and lack of sanitation). This is the location where approximately 50 people committed their lives to the Lord and we are now planning a baptism service as soon as possible. Thank you Jesus, your mercy endures forever! ❤